International Justice

external image ijm%20logo.jpgHistory of International Justice

International Justice Mission is one of the worlds leading N.G.O’s. The organizations life began in 1997 by many human rights professionals, skilled lawyers and public officials who studied/ observed the missionaries and relief/ development workers over seas.With having studied over 65 organizations and 40,000 workers, International Justice discovered that many people were being abused by higher powers like police and alternative authorities.The organization jumped into action to find aid and relaxation for the victims using all their power and knowledge. They take the victims cases and help cease oppression, sexual exploitation, violence, and slavery. In 2002, International justice was finally established; the executive director of the organization for Canada is Jamie McIntosh.

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Jamie McIntosh- Execuitive Director

Their Goals​

International aid has one goal: to gain relief for oppressed victims across the world and serve them with justice.They achieve these goals in four ways:
1.) Victim Relief helps aid a victim from abuse.
2.)Perpetrator Accountability brings the proper consequences to action for the perpetrator of the abuse.
3.)Structural Prevention helps stop abuse before it starts, in growing communities, with people who are at high risk of oppression.
4.)Victim Aftercare helps victims move on with their new lives after oppression and encourage long term success.

Where In The World

International justices headquarters are located in the heart of Washington, DC.Many cases are located in South Asia, Thailand, Philippines, Peru, Africa and India because of their poor living conditions and extravagant likely hood to be involved in inhumane manors.
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Success Stories

Every success is lead by a thoroughly thought over plan, there are three types of projects run by International Justice:
1.)Investigations- law educated staff members/ professionals criminally investigate and get evidence to enable them to free victims from abuse and catch the perpetrators.
2.)Interventions- where lawyers help rescue victims and make sure perpetrators are accountable for their actions, follow the domestic laws of their country.
3.)Aftercare- post oppression, victims and their families don’t have much, IJM social workers help the deprived by offering them aid, home, counselling, emotional support and helping them obtain an educations with their new lives.

Real Success Story

Manna- South Asia
Ever since Manna was young, she lived with her brother, who beat her numerous times. When Manna was 14, she made the decisions to run away. She ended up in a cluttered train station, where a young woman saw her crying and told her she could get her help. After talking to Manna, the woman convinced her to come to sell fabric for her, in return of money. She followed the woman to a house and she settled down to sleep.
When she awoke the woman she met before wasn’t there, although another angry woman was; instead of putting her to work with fabric, she turned Manna into a prostitute.
Manna declined her first 3 clients, but when the brothel keeper found out, he beat her repeatedly until she promised to never refuse a customer again.She tried to run away and plead client to help her and call the police but none listened and instead carried on raping her.
For two years the brutalities continued, until IJM had rescued a girl that lead operatives to save multiple girls, enslaved in a “sound proof dungeon”.
Manna was one of those girls.
She is living in an aftercare home in freedom where she attends school and is in a safe, loving environment to carry out her new life in. She now studies to be a social worker.Manna helped make a case to finally imprison her two brothel keepers, who were convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in 2004.
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Project of Focus​

My Project of Focus idea is to create a place for the victims, specifically children in need of after care. The building will be called the IJM House for the Children. It will be located in a safe environment where the children can attend school, be loved and cared for, and know they are out of danger and on to a new improved life.This project is worthy of funding because the children who may attend this house, are from underdeveloped, underachieved parts of the world, where they have been in extreme situations that have changed their lives. With out IJM’s help, they have no one to turn to in the aftermath.House for the Children will need a grant of approximately $25 000. They can achieve this goal through donations and fundraisers.
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Project Product

*handed in, in class*

Fun Facts

Some of IJMs most memorable moments include being part of a new interview by Canada’s own CTV W-FIVE, Dateline NBC, Anderson Cooper 360, the Today Show and 100 Huntley street.

To view the CTV W-FIVE interview, click the link below-
W-Five presents

Three reasons I chose this organizations are because I enjoy learning about topics that are rarely spoken of in Canada like slavery, sexual exploitation and oppression. Secondly its fun to educate people on my own knowledge and research about topics I like and thirdly its easier to do a project on things you like to do or else you get bored and don’t want to do it.

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