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During the 1994 winter olympics preparations which were to be held in Lillehammer, Norway, 4x olympic gold medalist speed skater Johann Olav Koss donated a large portion of his winnings to the organization which at the time was called Olympic Aid. He then challenged all his fellow athletes to donate money to the organization for every gold medal. A total of $18million dollars was made. This money helped create and support their 5 main projects.
Between 1994-2000, Olympic Aid continued to raise money and hold fundraiser which went towards underprveldged children. Olympic Aid then created a partnership with UNICEF which raised a total of $13million prior to the atlantic olympic games which were held in 1996. The funds went towards vacinating 12.2million children and over 800,000 women under the UNICEF foundation.
With its incorporation in late 2000, Olympic Aid made the transition from “fundraising vehicle” to implementing Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). In March 2001, the first sport and play programs began in refugee communities in Angola. It was at this time that Olympic Aid had switched to Right to Play.
Right to Play's main goal is help increase sports played in 3rd world countries and to get them into sports and away from labour such as workers and soldiers. They hope to one day see a healthier and safer world through the power of sport and play

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They rehearse children with these attributes to also make them a better human beings. The volunteers also rehearse these because in order to complete their mission they must get around certain obstacles. Use in these skills is what helps them be successful.

Where in the World
The main countries in the world they focus on is Azerbaijan, Benin, Botswana, Burundi, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Zambia.

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Success Stories

Over the course of the 16 years Right To Play/Olympic Aid was made, over 688,900 children from the 23 countries they have worked on are now involved in sports and begin to understand respect and the natural aspects required to be a decent human being. Even the girls who do not obtain as much freedom as the boys in these 3rd world countries have the opportunity. A volunteer remembers travelling to Benin for starting up some physical education classes for the schools that did not have one. One day when running a soccer skirmish. Two girls at the ages 17 and 18 had asked her not only if they could join in, but attend the school and get a basic education. It was thanks to Right to Play that the 2 girls could obtain not a good education, but to enjoy the extra curricular activities as well.
Project of Focus
Right to Play have always had one focus on a world wide project. This was to have rid the world of child soldiers and help egt them in to fun activities such as sports. We should not let children fight wars that arent theirs. They should be having fun and deserve to live the life of a normal child. Not suffer for things they did not do.

Project Product

Fun Facts

-This organization was created by profesional athletes
-This organization was founded the year we were born
-Every child soldier that has been supported by this foundation have been freed and their lives have been saved.
-by 2014 there will be over1,000,000 childrens whos lives have been touched by the organization
-Over 20 million dollars has been raised for the Right to Play foundation
-A red soccer ball is one of the symbolic items for Right to Play due to the sport being very fun and inexpensice, right to play provides everwhere they go with one, each having its own unique story. Some are also sold in our nearby stores which all the funds go directly to their main projects