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  1. History
  2. Goals
  3. Where in the World
  4. Success Stories
  5. Project Focus
  6. Project Product
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The Stepen Lewis foundation was founded in 2003 at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario by Canada's former NDP leader, Stephen Lewis. Stephen started the foundation because when he was in power, he realised how little help Sub-Saharan African countries struggling with HIV and AIDS recieved, and deiced he wanted to help make a change.
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The main goals and missions of the organization are to provide assistance and support women struggling to survive, orphans who have been left to fend for themselves, grandmothers who are trying to support both themselves and their orphaned grandchildren, and people living with HIV and AIDS. This organization takes action to achieve these goals by raising funds through donations and fundraisers in first world countries. The money they raise is then given to smaller grass root organizations that each focus on a specific location, social group, and/or social problem, often becoming the lifeline of various communities. As a result, the Stephen Lewis Foundation is able to assist these organizations in providing services such as:

- Counselling and education on HIV prevention
- Care and treatment of various illness and disease
- Distribution of food, medication, and other necessities
- Home-based health care that reaches the sick and vulnerable
- Access to education for orphans and vulnerable children
- Help for children working through their grief
- Assistance for grandmothers caring for their grandchildren

By supporting a variety of grass root organizations, the Stephen Lewis foundation is able to ignite more change and have a larger impact than most organizations because it reaches out to multiple social problems and people. By helping these organizations, the foundation is also able to ensure that the specific needs of individuals are met with quality assistance and dedication.


Where in the World

Stephen Lewis Foundation operates in Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (All sub-Sarahan African countries). They fund here because HIV/AIDS are highest in these 15 counries.


Success Stories

This organization has funded many successful organizations and projects such as Ripples International and
Consol Homes Orphan Care.

Consol Homes Orphan Care:
Consol Homes Orphan Care builds community centres where children and orphans can go to receive support, care, and therapy for the loss of their parents. Because the number of orphans is rapidly increasing due to the spred of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, this organization is able to reach out to more individuals and have a stronger impact on communities in need.

Ripples International:
Ripples International is an organization reaching out to yound children in need. It helps families struggling to survive after loosing their loved ones. For many grandmothers now looking after their grandchildren, it is very hard to have an income. Ripples helps them by providing livestock, sewing machines, etc to help the grandmothers obtain a sustainable income. Likewise, they help the children by taking care of their school and supplies fees. This allows these young individuals the opportunity to become educated and provides them with the knowledge they need to live a successful life in the future.


One example of an individual who has benefited from the work of the organization is a young 14 year old girl living in Kenya named Carol. When she was seven, she took on the grown up responsibility of taking care of her mother as she died. After her death, carol went to live with her grandmother, but began to develop painful sores and a persistent infection. It became clear that she had HIV. Her grandmother began selling of land in a desperate attempt to pay for her grand daughter’s treatment. Treatment that wasn’t readily available, and after several years of hospital visits, the doctors gave up hope and sent Carol home to die at age eleven. At this time, a neighbour suggested contacting Ripples’ International (an organization supported by the Stephen Lewis Foundation) that was one of the few organizations trying to provide support to families living with HIV and AIDS. Health care workers began visiting her at home and were able to nurse her back to health, as well as offering grief counselling to her Carol through the lose of her mother. Three years later, at age 14, Carol entered grade 5, excelled in school and was accepted into a prestigious high school. Ripples paid for her school few and supplies while continuing to support her grandmother. Today Carol is a outspoken grade 9 student who aspires to be a doctor, and one of Ripple’s first beneficiaries. She does peer-to-peer counselling, and has told her life story and explained her HIV positive status to the entire student body.
"I am so grateful to Ripples and to my grandmother for not giving up on me," she says. "Ripples has been my mom and my dad. They have given me hope for the future." With the support of the Stephen Lewis foundation, Ripples was able to help this young girl to achieve healthy and successful life.

Project of Focus

One of the most important projects the Stephen Lewis Foundation helps through funding is Grandmother's Against Poverty and AIDS. This project is so important and has had such a significant impact because in Sub-Saharan countries such as Kenya, there were 2100 thousand orphans during the year of 2007-2008. These orphans are either left to fend for themselves, or in many cases, their grandmothers will assume the role of a mother for a second time in their old age in order to take care of them. Grandmother's Against Poverty and AIDS has established over 25 formal grandmothers’ support groups and hosted training workshops for thousands of grandmothers, offering them the opportunity to draw strength and solace from each other and address poverty and HIV/AIDS in their community. These groups allow them to recieve the support and knowledge they need to remain strong and take care of their grandchildren. Through campaigns such as Grandmothers to Grandmothers, people in first world countries are able to provide the funds these grandmothers need to continue to take care of their grandchildren and survive. It has been said that grandmothers have become the driving power of what is keeping African countries alive. Grandmother's Against Poverty and AIDS allows these strong individuals to receive some assistance and take some fo the weight of of their old, unsturdy shoulders.


Project Product

Handed in T-Shirt.

Fun Facts

1) Stephen Lewis was the leader of the NDP Party of Canada before he became invovled in helping
2) His father was the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
3) Stephen Lewis makes regular visits to see the current situation in Africa. This allows him to better understand what grassroot organizations need more funds in order to better meet the needs of the people.

We chose this organization because:
- It helps organizations in the most highly needed sub-saharan countries of Africa
- The organization's projects focus on four significant and important areas: children/orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, grandmothers, and women.
- We were inspired/curious about what the foundation when we learned it was formed by a Canadian man, and wanted to learn more about how he was able to create such a power organization.

85% goes to projects in Africa. 15% goes to administration (which includes office rental, salaries, all printing, video and web communications, data base, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, office management, and administration)